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About two third of the meat consumption in Germany accounts for pork. Nationally but also internationally the number of pigs slaughtered has increased significantly in recent years. Our core task is the slaughtering and marketing of slaughtering sows, boars and fattening pigs. In the process, we place great emphasis on top quality, highest hygienic demands, quality assurance and international food standards. All this makes our meat a high-class product, of course with full traceability up to the piglet production.

Personalfreies Kühlhaus The slaughtering is taking place at the BMR Schlachthof Garrel GmbH (slaughterhouse company). They are organised in the most modern ways. The quality of the products is increased by modernising programs. In a personnel-free cold store the pigs and sow halves are automatically transported by a computer system on predetermined tubular tracks according to internal classification and customer. At the next day the halves are fully-automatically submitted to the transport department and then finally loaded. The traceability of the animals starts at the registration. The number of deliveries, origin and Salmonella status are entered in our computer system and compared with the database with the 'qualitype'. After a gentle brewing and cleaning the pig is marked with a slaughter number and a chip in the ribcage spreader. So the identity of the pigs is secured all the way to the customer.

The slaughterhouses are equipped with modern CO2 stunning equipment so that the animals can stay in a group as long as possible. An extension of the stables and resting places ensure a stress free delivery and better resting periods for the pigs.

Transparency and professionalism are of great importance to us and we guarantee personalized products according to our customers' wishes..